Alternative Learning Program

In the fall of 2010, Howard Lake – Waverly – Winsted School District opened an Alternative Learning Program to meet the needs of a number of its high school students.

The HLWW ALP is a "student choice" alternative high school program serving at-risk students 16 - 21 years old in the HLWW School District.  Students who choose to complete their high school requirements at HLWW ALP know the importance of a high school diploma.  They know about being disenfranchised with school, and if they could not attend HLWW ALP they would probably be considering dropping out of school or attending an alternative program in another school district.  Students come to HLWW ALP for many different reasons including being too far behind in credits to be able to graduate on time in the traditional high school setting.

HLWW ALP is essentially a multi-age, one-room schoolhouse. The average class is 12-16 students of varying ages and abilities. Some benefits to this learning environment are that students have the opportunity to help each other, and students in high school after their class has graduated, are more apt to complete their high school education.

In this setting we are able to individualize the curriculum, focus on communication, accountability, respect, responsibility, relationships, and transition to life after high school.  The environment at HLWW ALP is relaxed and flexible yet structured with high expectations. Students have greater input and more responsibility for their educational career as they progress toward their high school diploma. We are like a family.  Many of our procedures are structured to be very similar to those of an employer.