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Every 9th through 12th grade student and every high school teacher at HLWW High School will be provided a Chromebook. Teachers and students will have access to Chromebooks 24/7, and are permitted to use the device outside of the school building. High School classrooms are transforming into 1:1 environments which support an equitable distribution of technology and ubiquitous access. In 1:1 classrooms the integration of technology is both intentional and spontaneously driven by personal inquiry. Technology ceases to be a scheduled event, freeing teachers and students to collaborate and create in real-time.

Across the K-12 spectrum students are expected to demonstrate knowledge of technological systems in solving complex problems and expressing critical understandings. Providing constant access to technology both in and outside of the classroom is critical in meeting national standards.

A push for a 1:1 program is also a by-product of The Digital Age. The exchange of information has been redefined by an expanding global digital infrastructure and through the evolution of mobile technologies. In the 21st Century, information is produced and consumed at a rapid rate, facilitated via a range of media outlets and debated through complex social networks. In contrast to prior centuries where a select few managed the flow of media, the 21st Century has witnessed an explosion in sources of information. The High School recognizes these global changes and the resulting need to foster learning environments which reflect contemporary exchanges and interactions. With access to a Chromebook and the ability to connect via a wireless environment, students and teachers will actively participate in the consumption and production of media and be active participants in developing ideas that can be utilized to solve complex problems.