District Information


Independent School District 2687, serving the communities of Winsted, Waverly, and Howard Lake, is dedicated to providing the best possible education for its youth.  With that commitment, we strive for quality and opportunity for each student in every offering and activity of the school.

The school district comprises an area of approximately 115 square miles, primarily in Wright County, with a portion located in McLeod County, and a small portion in Carver County.  District 2687's 9-12 High School and 5-8 Middle School are located between Howard Lake and Winsted on County Road 6.  The K-4 elementary and preschool facilities are located in Waverly and Winsted.   

We have the programs, staff, and opportunities that children need for education, development, and growth.  The wisdom of our experienced staff and the enthusiasm of our new staff create a learning environment for student success.  Many of our staff members are returning to earn their masters degree. 

We're proud of our school district and how we make the grade for the families of this community every day.  Please contact us at (320) 543-3900 with any questions, or for more information check our web site Please select a link at left to learn more about our district.