School Social Worker

Welcome to another great year at HLWW Middle School.  My name is Heidi Cottingham; this is my 12th year in the district as the school social worker.  My goal is to help students become socially and emotionally successful so that they can academically succeed.  There are a variety of ways that I can help achieve that.  One of the ways is by meeting one on one with students who are struggling socially or emotionally; it may be due to struggles making friendships, significant family changes, peer pressure, or other outside of school life events that impact a student emotionally.  Another way I help students become socially and emotionally successful, is I am a part of the special education team in our district. In being a part of the team I provided social skills groups and one on one social skills instruction for students in special education.

I  have two biological children, daughter K'iah and son Landon.  I have 3 "bonus" children, two "bonus" daughters Alyssa and Katie and "bonus" son Caylin.  I also have one "bonus" granddaughter Avelyn.   

I love spending our summers camping in the BWCA, in northern Minnesota.  Previously before my position with the school I was on the staff at New Beginnings at Waverly Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center as their Activities Director.  I have also been a social worker with Lutheran Social Service and spent time as social worker in the inner city of Detroit, MI.

I look forward to getting to know the students and their families as the year goes on.  There are a lot of stressor students and families experience during the middle school years, if your family or student has concerns, needs or issues you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me and school or via email.  My contact information is on the side of this page.