Welcome to preschool!

I am excited about the new school year!  Our enrollment for our district's preschools continue to grow.  It is great to be working with the preschoolers at Humphrey Elementary.  Our day at preschool consists of working on academics, social skills, self esteem and self help skills as well as other areas that are important to the growth of a preschooler.  Our curriculums are Creative Curriculum, OWL and Everyday Math. 

I have been teaching preschool at HLWW schools for 20+.  Teaching keeps me very busy but I also enjoy participating in groups that I feel are important.   I am the state secretary for National Farmers.  I also serve on the Executive Board for the Wright County MEADA Coalition and I serve as their treasurer. I am the township clerk for Hollywood Township.  

My husband Brian and I live on his family farm near Watertown. In my spare time, I love to help my husband on the farm, spend time with family and friends, do yard work, scrapbook and read.  I feel very fortunate to work at Humphrey Elementary and be a part of the caring staff there.



Contact Info.


320-543-3900  ext. 3168