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Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ed2go website,

Ed2go offers hundreds of engaging online courses, covering topics from Accounting to Web Design. Take the courses from your home or office at times most convenient to you. Ask questions and give or receive advice at any time during the course.

How Does it Work?

All Courses run for 6 weeks; two lessons are released each week and you have two weeks to complete each lesson. Courses start the third Wednesday of each month.

Each lesson will be accompanied by a short, multiple-choice quiz.

Some lessons may also include an assignment.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.

Most courses are $79


All courses require Internet access, e-mail, the Netscape Navigator, or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some cours­es may have additional requirements. Please visit the Online Instruction Center at for more information.

How to Get Started

1. Visit the Online Instruction Center at

2. Click the Courses link, once you choose the department and course title you are interested in, select the Enroll Now button. Follow the instructions to enroll and pay for your course. Here you will choose a username and password that will grant you access to the Classroom.

3. When your course starts, return to our Online Instruction Center and click the Classroom link. To begin your studies, simply log in with the username and password you selected during enrollment.

Start Dates

A new section of every ed2go course begins the third Wednesday of each month. You may select form class options below and many other courses.

Instructor Facilitated Online Courses

Accounting Fundamentals                    Personal Finance & Investments
Business Software                              Business Communication
Grant Writing                                      Sales and Marketing
Start Your Own Business                     Computer Applications
Excel, Access, Word, etc.                    QuickBooks
Photoshop                                          Digital Photography
Graphic & Multimedia Design                Web Design
Health Care & Medical                         Language & Arts
Speed Spanish                                    Conversational French
Publishing                                           Law & Legal
Paralegal                                            Criminal & General Law
Personal Development                        Genealogy Basics
Math Refresher                                   Resume Writing
Job Search                                         Test Prep
Computer Fundamentals                     Computer Programming
Database Management                       Networking & Communications
Web Technology                                 Medical Math
Going Green at Home                         Assisting Aging Parents