Opening Doors (For Adults With Disabilities)


Community Education Classes, Services and Opportunities for Adults with Disabilities

What is Opening Doors?
     The Opening Doors Program is part of the Adults with Disabilities Program offered by a group of Community Education departments in the area. The Opening Doors Program encompasses the school districts of Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose, Big Lake, Becker, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted and Monticello.
     Specialized classes and activities offer educational, social, life skill and recreational learning opportunities for any adult with a disability. Indivduals attending Opening Doors activities come from all or parts of Wright, Sherburne, McLeod, Carver and Hennepin Counties.
     Opening Doors produces a new catalog three times per year and includes a variety of activities and outings. The most popular activities include dances, bingo, trips and numerous special events.
     To request a catalog, or learn more information about the Opening Doors Program please call the program office in Buffalo at 763-682-8770. Information is also available online at

School buildings where Opening Doors classes are held:

• Becker High School - 12000 Hancock Street
• Big Lake High School - 501 Minnesota Avenue
• Independence Elementary School - 701 Minnesota Avenue, Big Lake
• Buffalo Middle School - 1300 Highway 25 North
• Discovery Center - 301 2nd Avenue NE, Buffalo
• Monticello Middle School - 800 E. Broadway
• Little Mountain Elementary School - 9350 Fallon Avenue, Monticello
• HLWW Middle School - 801 8th Ave, Howard Lake
• HLWW High School - 8700 County Road 6 SW, Howard Lake